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  • morchu
    05-04 04:25 PM

    Your highlighted sentence is again for "grant the extension".
    We are talking about "invalidation" of a granted extension.

    Those are two different things.

    And NO. the memo doesnt talk about that.

    There is no specific law or interpretation available till today for "invalidation of an already granted extention" based on approved I140, even if the I140 itself gets revoked in future.

    Hi Guys

    Please read before giving your opinions: as per memo not my words:

    USCIS is required to grant the extension of stay pursuant to �106(a) of AC21, in one-year increments, until such time as a final decision has been made to:
    A. Deny the application for labor certification, or, if the labor certification is approved, to deny the EB immigrant petition that was filed pursuant to the approved labor certification;
    B. Deny the EB immigrant petition, or
    C. Grant or deny the alien�s application for an immigrant visa or for adjustment of status.

    The operative words here being "UNTIL SUCH TIME" - which if I am not wrong means when the decision is reached.....so you DO NOT HAVE A VALID H1B IF 485 IS DENIED.

    See links below for more data

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  • Vic
    10-11 12:54 PM
    My labor cert priority date is Aug 21, 2006 and my 140 EB2 was filed in Dec 20, 2006 and I received the RFE last week from NSC.

    I did complete the masters program but did not have the official certificate in hand. On my certificate and official transcripts - the date of graduation is the day the certificate was issued - which is Jan 2007 - which is the graduation date according to the verbage.

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  • clockwork
    08-26 01:09 PM
    Clockwork : Yes I am talking about LUD on approved
    I-140. Even I have the same date, so I was just curious. Good to know that yours is cleared. Mine may be next week....

    Yeah. Best of Luck. I believe, most of the cases submitted on July 2nd will be receipted before this month end. Thanks -

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  • uma001
    11-05 02:02 PM
    Hey found this archive of visa bulletins, if you go through one by one, then that should answer your question.


    (From April 2002 to Nov 2008)

    And then for still older ones,
    (1995 to 2001)


    Are you trying to look for a pattern to find out when it will be current again ?

    Yes, Trying to figure out the pattern,. Thanks for the archives


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  • simple1
    05-19 11:12 PM
    for immigration diploma + 3 yrs experience is Bachelors equivallent that is True for H1B or EB3

    for further studies diploma is under grad, you will qualify to continue further studies for Bachelors

    yep, I heard exact same when it comes to "edu eval" for work. One of my ex-collegue got h1b with 10+2+3yr-dip-compsci+5 years exp.

    I also hear "edu eval" for "work" and "study" may be two different processes. So not sure about the study part.
    Recognition of Foreign Qualifications (http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html)

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  • j0se
    09-15 05:55 AM
    david: that is the very one (i called it everything but 'ray of light')

    thanks very much!!

    i'll go and read and re-read!!


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  • IneedAllGreen
    06-21 04:45 PM
    Since this thread is open and dont want to wast resouce on new thread. I want to ask people those who had already filed 485/EAD/AP that did anyone has taken photos at Walgreens.

    I am getting $7.99 for taking 2 photos at Walgreens($48 for 2person with 6 photos deal) in Milwaukee. Whereas in Kinko's I am getting deal of $13.50 for first 2 photo and rest 4 photos for $13.50 ($54 for 2 person with 6 photos deal) in Milwaukee city area.

    Now question besides money I want to know which one is worth taking chance for taking a picture interms of quality.


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  • karthikgk
    10-19 02:40 PM
    Check for past updates on the EAD delays thread. IV had contacted USCIS on EAD delays faced by our members.
    Some new updates are also posted for donor members only.


    Sorry to sound dumb (but I think I am at this point for having applied for my renewal so late) but would you please provide me the link to the EAD renewal thread that you referred? Also, please let me know if there is a seperate link for paid members and I will access that too (my wife's username has a paid membership)



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  • saisravan
    07-23 07:45 AM

    Am in the same situation with my employer

    He is doing a direct deposit on to my account and not sharing the paystubs and everytime when i follow up him with paystubs he is saying all cock&bull stories saying that HR is busy with other stuff and cannot do it at this point.

    Its been 3 months he is delaying this.
    Previoulsy I was receiving my paystbs regularly and all it started is after my H1 renewal and am need to change my employer now and other company is asking for the latest 3 months paystubs for the H1 transfer.

    and my employr is thretening for the original H1 B doc and he says that he needs it for companys reference.

    Please let me know whome to contact and how to contact and how to get this things done in gettign my paystubs.

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  • gsc999
    05-22 11:59 AM
    I had the same issue last year. Per their website
    (https://www.vfs-usa.co.in/Home.aspx) September 2006 dates are current, November may not be current yet. You will have to keep checking. The rules were being changed for the visa appointment procedures last Nov/ December. If you have already paid the HDFC fee you should also have free 15 minute telephone time to ask such questions from their agent in India or you might want to call them directly at the phone number below.

    I am unsure about a single vs two appointments for you and your husband. Please confirm. It would be safer to direct such questions at the Embassy than at this forum because of the constant changes in the rules.

    Below are the helpline numbers when calling from outside India:

    If you are calling from outside India, please call us at +91 44 4231 6767
    Our agents respond to phone calls between 0800-1600 Monday through Friday excluding all-India holidays observed by the US missions.
    E-mailed queries are responded to Monday through Friday, within two working days.


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  • sorcerer666
    02-04 08:03 PM
    There's thousands of threads that talk about porting. I don't think there's any need to re-iterate those topics again.

    Specially from the crappy source you had provided.

    Sachin, aren't you the OP of this thread. Since you have already read those thousands of posts why ask the question in the first place and then if someone is quoting a source and you are not willing to listen, then ignore the post. Why would you go on and start a fist fight.

    I think moderators should just remove such posts.

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  • gc_chahiye
    11-11 12:51 PM
    Please check this post by murthy on Non 09, 2007


    On October 23, 2007, sixteen members of the New Democrat Coalition, led by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, requested that "the House take action this year to resolve the immediate talent crisis that is facing U.S. employers." The group is pushing for reform that would increase H1B and employment based permanent residence, or "green card" quotas, before Congress adjourns this year.

    Any IV updates on this ?

    Yet again we have H1B and GC issues together , does this mean there is no chance that this would succeed ?

    slightly offtopic:
    Its funny that you linked to Murthy's website for such news, as they are typically the slowest to pick up anything like this. Mathhew Oh is fast... and some IV member (or core itself) the fastest.
    This was discussed on IV (& even a link to the exact letter posted) the very day it became public:

    visit IV often to check for such updates, if something comes up we'll all need to mobilize quickly (phone/fax campaigns)


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-18 09:03 AM
    My friends who applied after me got it and I'm moving in 2 weeks.
    In case your FP notice does not arrive before you move, you may want to arrange with someone to monitor your mailbox. I read somewhere USPS does not forward USCIS letters to the new address (assuming it is a permanent move), in which case the notice may go back undelivered.

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  • gapala
    06-04 01:08 PM
    Guys, there is nothing to be excited about for EB folks in this bill.. This appears to help FB folks and in the name of re-union, which is a good thing ofcourse but, for us.. If I read between the lines, I have a bad feeling... Are they trying to re-capture the EB wasted visa numbers along with FB wasted and allocate all those to FB folks? :confused:

    Let the EB folks live this same life?

    God knows...


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  • perm2gc
    10-04 06:47 PM
    I am from India and lived in Brussels, Belgium between 2000-2002 before being transferred by my Indian IT company to work in US on H1. Here are some facts on Brussels:

    1. Quality of Life: Good place to live, friendly people, close to major cities like Paris, Amsterdam and London.

    2. Cost of Living:
    Apartment Rent: 900-1000 Euros per month
    Lease terms: 6-12 months
    Transportation: Public (Bus, subway, trains). You don't need a car.
    Some companies offer a car+gas card as part of the overall
    compensation package.

    3. Salaries: Around Euros 35-45K per year (IT related)
    Taxes: More than US (Around 30-35%)
    Health Insurance: None
    Vacation Time: 20-30 days an year
    Education:Schools are mostly french medium. International schools
    (English medium) are more expensive.
    Desi/Indian population: Limited

    4. Additional Information: Good to learn French as it helps in dealing with local people but a lot of them also speak English.

    Good info..thks

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  • SanjayP
    07-04 03:48 PM
    They are already against us and shouting on top of their lungs "SLUMDOG" for the reason that cowards and scared and suppressed people like you never gonna do anything.

    The same attitude like yours actually made us slaves for many more years, instead would have got the freedom long long time back.

    Next time when your tail is between your legs , do not try to make suggestions.

    Average American is not calling anyone slumdog. But Average American guy would be angry if he thought guest worker was saying they work harder than lazy Americans. So to say or spread this idea is not helpful to anybodys goals as CIR needs support from American citizens who will not like being thought of as lazy or not working hard.


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  • Trackgc10
    10-02 06:53 PM
    Did u submit a copy of approved 140?. I am guessing they requested proof of 140 approval.

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  • paskal
    06-24 09:24 PM
    In case of filing for a spouse (wife or husband) and dependent children, form I-764 clearly ask to provide evidence. Atleast most recent year Tax Returns are REQUIRED as per the form. My attorney updated me to present additional 2 years of federal tax returns (not the state) as well, which are optional. Remember these are REQUIRED alongwith W2s or 1099s.

    i think you mean I-864
    correct me if i'm wrong but we do not need to file this form, read the instructions on this link on who needs to file this form, an EB petitioner is not mentioned anywhere i can find:


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  • arnet
    09-20 03:49 PM
    for link:

    create your application and fill DS-156/157 etc and you should see the appt calendar page. on rightside of this page, it usually shows link for emergency appt. but they change the vfs site often. send email to vfs, check contact us page and they will help you out to find this link.

    for appt:

    you can try checking everyday VFS site, some people cancel their appt before 10 or 15 days and you can get it but for chennai it is little difficult because people book it immediately. try vfs-monitor.com, which alerts through email or sound when your dates are available but i think you need to pay for this.

    but there are dates available in delhi/kolkatta and other consulates, you can consider flying a day before and get it done. flight fares from chennai to delhi/mumbai/kolkata are cheaper costs you 5000 rupees per person for roundtrip (which is $100 per person), hotels are cheaper, check makemytrip.com or rediff for flight/hotel fares.

    Disclaimer: I'm not an immigration attroney, please check with one for your situation as laws/procedures are changing often.

    07-06 12:13 PM
    Since 2000, a total of 182,694 work-based visas have not been given out because the immigration agency had fallen behind in processing applications, according to the 2007 report of the immigration agency’s ombudsman.

    as per ny times report...

    and look at how they can work on a wkend when they actually want to prevent loads of applications hitting theeir doors....smart ppl I must say.

    05-02 08:42 AM
    If I were you, I would explore around the Legal Status from last entry.
    ebizash may be right it won't apply if you enter on AP, still worth exploring that area.

    Thanks for information. To answer I applied my H1b on June 1, 2002.
    My school finished on June 11, 2002. I did apply H1 during school but stupid me did not apply OPT. Then I get approve H1b 7 months later, more like 7 months and 20 days almost 8 months then working. I am out of status more 6 months which very bad.
    I called many lawyers, some do not want to help a few will write letter ( 1 letter 600.00)
    some said I have good chance others said unknown.

    I am still out of status even I applied H1b and waiting more 180 days? I think I am, need good reason to put on letter.