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my brothers keeper tattoo. I cracked open my
  • I cracked open my

  • dhenuva123
    02-22 03:47 PM
    am still in the same situation....my case is still in " initial stage":confused: ......so friends, my sincere advice is go for premium.....don't go for normal processing .......p

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  • muthukmk
    08-03 04:14 PM
    Hi All,

    I have my labor filed and approved for EB3 March 2005 PD. My I140 too has been approved in June 2007. I filed for 485 on July 2nd. I would like to know whether I can now start a fresh EB2 and also apply for I140 and use the older Eb3 priority date of March 2005. I have not changed my company I need guidance for experts in this regard.

    Just for information, my I140 was approved after I had applied for 485


    my brothers keeper tattoo. Hunter - Brother#39;s Keeper
  • Hunter - Brother#39;s Keeper

  • qplearn
    09-10 10:31 AM

    That is exactly what we want the house members to know. Our lives are on hold; my wife cannot work, and I cannot move!

    Also, a BIG THANK YOU for distancing ourselves from the H1B quota issue that the industry is after. That will get us nowhere in the house that struck it down last time from their bill.

    Keep up the good work!


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  • legal_la
    07-17 08:10 PM
    So, are we again planning to send flowers or thank you card to Emilio

    They are clearing the mess they have created. I agree not many people correct their mistakes, people who do, should be noticed. But that is all we should do.

    If not for our fight and raising our "voice" they would never would have even considered it.

    So if I were you I would just say thank you to him and instead of spending the money for greeting cards or flowers to emilio, I would be donating it immigrationvoice which will help our voice grow even stronger.


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  • Chest Tattoo of the Illuminati

  • kcindian
    05-29 12:12 PM
    This is good information. Thanks for sharing.

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  • GCard_Dream
    04-09 01:12 PM
    Hasn't he given many speeches like this before as well? I mean he has been giving speeches on immigration since 2004 yet nothing has happened so far. He addressed it on State of the Union speech, prime-time speech from the oval office, and countless other occasions but what has been the end result - NOTHING. I wouldn't keep my hopes very high just because Bush said so. It’s all up to the congress now.


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  • fullerene
    12-14 10:39 PM
    I don't know how many people will that invitation allow for the meeting? I can join and we can present some things to the congressman. Please PM me and we can touch base.


    Very glad to hear that. You may visit his website and email or call for reservation.

    my brothers keeper tattoo. Re: Pics of your Tattoo, here is my New one. This is my most recent. I don#39;t have any good pics of the others.
  • Re: Pics of your Tattoo, here is my New one. This is my most recent. I don#39;t have any good pics of the others.

  • delhikadesi
    05-03 10:00 AM
    thats bad to hear beautiful mind..
    sometimes we say things without the complete context...

    in that case you deserve to be eb2


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  • I think that getting a tattoo

  • posmd
    03-21 05:11 PM
    Would appreciate you updating this thread once you find out.

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  • raysaikat
    11-30 09:51 AM
    Thank you very much for the replies.

    Right now I am leaning towards cancelling my trip, even though it is going to cost me the entire price of the ticket, besides of course the immeasurable cost of not visiting home.

    About the suggestion of hiring a lawyer, can an immigration lawyer here in the US help me in any way with a situation (the renewal interview) and an all-powerful person (the interviewer) half-way across the world? I can see how a lawyer may help smooth this problem if I were changing status while in the country (say from F1 to H1), but I don't see how a lawyer would help with my visa renewal...perhaps I just don't understand the extent to which a lawyer may be able to help. Is my question clear?

    Again, thank you for the advice.

    The lawyer will be able to tell you (i) what is the legal implication of your charge in regard to F-1, (ii) statute of limitations of your charges, (iii) how long the records are kept (there are levels of access and with time some charges go down the levels). A lawyer gives you legal counsel (suggestions/appraisals); they are not supposed to "do" stuff for you, nor take decisions for you. You pay your lawyer simply for reliable information (and paperworks, usually).


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  • talduk
    March 24th, 2005, 04:04 AM
    Thank so much for your reply. However, this was my first attempt with the camera so I used new batteries (six). Nontheless, I will try to change it.

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  • texanmom
    08-14 05:58 PM
    I do not believe the EAD and AP are tied to the priority date, especially if you have already filed the 485.

    Gurus- correct me if I am wrong.


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  • raj3078
    09-27 02:10 PM
    You can take any or take both. It does not matter as long as they have at least one to see....Dont take tension, there is nothing to FP as long as you attend it

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  • prabasiodia
    05-25 01:49 PM
    Also ask/inquire about whistleblower protection while filing your complaint. There should be valid reasons for lay-off but filing complaint against the employer with DOL is definitely not one among them.


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  • thomascannivady
    07-17 06:00 PM
    Please post their addresses on the Front page of IV so that all can send Thank you cards.

    I certainly would like to send both of them cards.

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  • Libra
    09-15 10:21 PM


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  • oaktree
    01-12 12:57 PM
    Dear Attornies,experts

    My perm was denied recently because "The wage listed in the SWA job order is less than the wage offered to the foreign worker", It took DOL almost one and half years to determine this after a business necessity audit. I am going to start a new application now. What are my chances for an appeal by providing corrected supporting documents, can I apply a new application while an appeal is in progress..

    Can I have multiple PERM applications from multiple employers at the same time, with different position titles?

    Is there anyway of taking advantage of the old priority date application that was denied with a new application.

    I almost lost 2 years in priority date because of this denial...

    Please suggest...

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  • aadimanav
    12-11 01:41 AM
    Thanks Pappu

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  • bubbynv
    07-17 06:20 PM
    And Good luck to one and all!!! :)

    02-01 09:36 AM
    Fair enough.

    You said you don't have EAD.

    Did you file for 485? If yes was it in July 2007? Please update your profile.

    10-09 02:00 PM
    I had to travel to Switzerland recently and was in a similar situation. I explained to the visa officer that my H1B stamp had expired and was planning on using AP for travel. She was fine with it, mentioned that AP supersedes H1B stamp anyway and issued the Swiss visa.