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dysfunctional family cartoon

images dysfunctional family gets dysfunctional family cartoon. Broken Family cartoon 2
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  • coopheal
    12-03 11:52 AM

    wallpaper Broken Family cartoon 2 dysfunctional family cartoon. dysfunctional family cartoon.
  • dysfunctional family cartoon.

  • arnet
    11-07 12:53 PM
    difficult to classify which company are good or bad, based on each one experience or interest they may like or may not like the company. some struck in a company due to retrogression too. if you are planning to switch company, decide based on your interest/family situation and see whether your future job can give you those. get help from your friends/jobsites like dice.com/monster.com/careerbuilder.com/hotjobs.com to see the job oppurtunities.....good luck.

    Disclaimer: Use at your own risk...I'm not an immigration attroney so please consult for your situation as laws/procedures are changing.


    Can you all post the names of good consulting companies to work for. Let's create a list here.


    dysfunctional family cartoon. dysfunctional family cartoon.
  • dysfunctional family cartoon.

  • sankap
    07-20 02:36 PM
    Yes, we've been using our marriage affidavit all along--including for getting PR and citizenship of country X.
    hey, so you got h4 by just producing marriage affidavit and not marriage certificate?

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  • justAnotherFile
    07-17 01:12 AM
    great news.

    new important points:
    1."Also under discussion is whether green cards that have gone unused in previous years could be used this year. As a result, one possible scenario is that the number of high-skilled workers who gain permanent residency in the U.S. this year could swell to more than twice the historical level. "They've got to do something," says one congressional staffer close to the discussions. "

    2."Perhaps the most acute pressure on the Bush Administration is coming from Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.),...the last thing the Administration wants is for the details of the "bureaucratic, nightmarish snafu" to become public"

    Just hoping that by some miracle tomorrows news is even better than expected.

    BTW its the title of the article which says its all "The Gandhi Protests Pay Off". Please note its not something like "Govt yields under threat of law suits and immigrants protests"


    dysfunctional family cartoon. dysfunctional family cartoon. Dysfunctional Family Diiner
  • dysfunctional family cartoon. Dysfunctional Family Diiner

  • Aah_GC
    05-05 04:59 PM
    Wow that's a relief. I know you might have already done so just confirm the date until when the I-94 is issued and make a copy just in case.

    Good suggestion :). Will definitely act on that ASAP!

    dysfunctional family cartoon. Dysfunctional Family.
  • Dysfunctional Family.

  • Almond
    07-18 09:14 AM
    What is her priority date? Has she filed in RIR or Non-RIR? For RIR, there were only 200 application left in the last release I saw in OH website.

    I think, not sure, but I think she's filed in RIR. 200!? :( So, should she call? Her priority date is end of year 2001, even she doesn't remember well the exact month. Just from reading on here and other forums it seems 2002's and 2003's have been steadily getting approvals, and her case is so old she hasn't gotten a single letter from them, makes no sense.


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  • god_bless_you
    06-14 09:14 PM
    From Today's Lou Dobb's....
    Tonight, congressional leaders are unable to break a deadlock and begin work on an immigration reform compromise. A provision in the Constitution could kill the Senate immigration bill and chances for immigration reform this year.
    LOUISE SCHIAVONE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It could be a real procedural holdup or just a good excuse. But for now, immigration legislation is stalled on what could be the road to nowhere.
    Here's the problem...
    SEN. JEFF SESSIONS (R), ALABAMA: A notice has been served on the Senate that a blue slip will be filed, which, in effect, says they will not consider the bill in the House because it has a revenue enhancement in it, a tax provision in it.
    SCHIAVONE: A blue slip is like a legislative traffic ticket. A blue slip would be slapped on the Senate bill because, besides a guest worker program, a wall at the border, punishment for employers who hire illegals, and so on, the measure includes tax provisions, including one requiring illegal aliens to pay back taxes and another making U.S. workers overseas pay more taxes than they do now.

    What's wrong with that? The Constitution says tax laws start in the House, not in the Senate. The same way, for example, that it's the Senate, not the House that confirms judges and cabinet secretaries.

    REP. TOM TANCREDO (R), COLORADO: If they shot the Senate bill over here, it would be shot down in about a heartbeat simply because, for one thing, no revenue-raising bill can originate in the Senate. There's a constitutional problem.

    So it can be stopped. I mean, they can try it. Have them send it. That's fine with me, because that's the end of it.

    SCHIAVONE: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist suggests tacking the immigration bill on to a benign House tax bill that's been on the Senate docket so that it has a House bill designation. But Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid wants assurances that no other legislation will hitch a ride on that train. Senator Frist's office says he has offered those assurances.


    SCHIAVONE: And Kitty, it gets even more complicated than that. Congressman Tancredo says that lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol went home for Memorial Day and heard lots of protests about that Senate immigration bill and the eventual amnesty it offers, leaving some on Capitol Hill to wonder if in this election year it might just be better to let the clock run out on this session of Congress and start fresh next year -- Kitty.

    PHILLIPS: Interesting stuff. Thanks very much. America's opinions on illegal immigration and border security should affect the legislation Congress adopts and the one that President Bush signs. In his news conference this morning, however, President Bush explained the crucial role of public opinion in a democracy.

    Senator Jeff Sessions says the Senate ignored the will of the people in passing an amnesty bill for illegal aliens that would cost taxpayers tens of billions each year. A CBO report Sessions commissions says that the bill will also do nothing to stop illegal aliens entering this country. I asked Senator Sessions what the purpose of the Senate immigration bill is, if not to stop the flow of illegal aliens?


    SEN. JEFF SESSIONS (R), ALABAMA: That was the purpose, but the CBO numbers are based on the Senate bill. And they say, in a fact, there's no change in illegal immigration for 10 years. It would be 700,000 to 900,000 a year. If anything, that's certainly no less and maybe more than the current rate. So it really belies the argument that this bill is going to make any progress on enforcement. It certainly does not appear to.

    PILGRIM: What does that say about the value of this bill, sir?

    SESSIONS: Well I think it again is another indication that it is unacceptable, that it's terribly flawed, should never become law and will not do what it promises. It promises to enforce the border. And that's proven to be false. I think I've already said that, but the CBO confirmed it. Workplace enforcement is not there. And the future flow plans to allow millions coming in in the future at a much higher rate are just unprincipled and not valuable, not good for the United States. So we definitely need to review this legislation.

    PILGRIM: House Speaker Dennis Hastert has said that he wants to take a long look at this bill and potentially hold hearings. Do you think hearings are appropriate? They're certainly not normal.

    SESSIONS: No, they're not normal. But you know, the House has none of this so-called comprehensive approach to immigration. Theirs was focused primarily on enforcement. And so if they're going to consider the comprehensive bill at all, they absolutely should study it. We never had enough hearings in the Senate. This bill just basically came up and moved through with very few hearings directly related to the gray issues on immigration.

    We just didn't discuss the real important issues in any significant way. For example, we've never considered whether or not we ought to adopt what Canada does, and that is to have a point system. Why haven't we even discussed that? It seems to me it makes an awful lot of sense.

    PILGRIM: All right, you know, could this immigration reform bill be hammered out behind closed doors with the congressional leadership? Do you see it going that way?

    SESSIONS: Well, that's a very dangerous thing. The American people's confidence in the government on a question of immigration is very low. They're very cynical. And if anyone thinks they can hammer out a bill and then ram it through without the American people being alerted, I think they're in for big trouble and just further erode public confidence in what we're doing.

    PILGRIM: The Senate -- procedurally the Senate bill has to be attached to a House bill to avoid a constitutional issue. Would you support a unanimous consent to send to it the House?

    SESSIONS: You know, I haven't made a decision about that. My personal view is we need to discuss this bill more. No one senator can block a bill from being considered, but can provide an opportunity for more debate. So we'll be looking at that.

    PILGRIM: And timetable-wise, if this doesn't get to the House and Senate by August 1st, do you think it will make it at all in this session?
    SESSIONS: You know, it may not. Then again, something could happen. But from what I'm hearing from the House, that they're so concerned about the viability of the comprehensive language in the Senate bill, not that they're so against the comprehensive bill, but just that they are uneasy and unaccepting of what we've done, then I think it's got a long way to go to become law, frankly.

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  • WaitingForMyGC
    01-11 11:32 AM
    Hello All,
    I am on 7th year of my H1 and my I-140 is pending. Since my current H1 is about to expire, I need to file for my 8th year of H1 extension. Do you think there could be some problem in getting my 8th year extension since my labor is approved and I-140 is pending. The way I interpreted the extension rule is that you can only get the extension if your labor is pending for more than 1 year but in my case my labor is approved and I-140 is pending.And I cannot wait for I-140 approval since my current H1 is about to expire.

    Please advise.



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  • eb3_nepa
    07-18 11:13 AM
    Ok then i volunteer to bump this thread :) Only problem is that still will not push thid topic way up.

    There was a suggestion to send flowers to the core team, let us instead send donations. I am SURE that the core team needs contributions more than flowers.

    Howzzat about the $5 contribution suggestion, with each contribution we lose some percentage as taxes and feees. I am not saying we contribute $10 EVERY month, but can the members not make a ONE TIME contribution of TEN DOLLARS?

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  • spaceguy
    11-11 11:24 AM
    My friend has a multiple entry visitor visa for US which is valid till April 2009. However he has to visit in March 2009 and stay till around June 2009.
    Can someone please tell if the immigration officer during port of entry will be able to grant him stay of the usual 6 months on current visa even though it is expiring?
    Or if not, whether he can apply for new visitor visa stamping before expiry of the current one?
    Thanks for your advice

    As far as I know no need of another visa. The expiry date given by the IO at port of entry over rides the earlier expiry date on visa. One of my friends parent got his visa for 6 months. If the IO gives less than 6 months he can apply for extension how ever


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  • shaq
    08-11 09:34 AM
    Pd - 01/30/06
    Rd - 09/10/07

    hot dysfunctional family cartoon. Dysfunctional Family Diiner dysfunctional family cartoon. dysfunctional family cartoon
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  • sanju
    07-22 01:14 PM
    Its my turn to complaint about Red dots. Who gave me a red dot? I am just kidding and messing with you :D

    BTW, Dhundhun, I thought you said that you will abstain for couple of weeks. You are already back? Everything alright? Just asking....


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  • coopheal
    12-02 11:13 AM
    Just an idea without any real effort behind it is dreaming. That will not take us anywhere.

    Therefore, everyone who have tossed around ideas at IV here is your chance to put some real effort to back your seriousness.

    Contribute today and every month so some ideas get chance to be implemented.

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  • lvinaykumar
    04-09 10:25 PM
    all we can do is fight untill we get what we want..


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  • STAmisha
    07-27 10:10 AM

    But here is my situtaion

    My company filed 140 (say 1st I-140 ) and 485 in july 2007 (no receipt yet) on a substituted Labor.
    Now my original labor is approved. Now I want to file 140 (and 485 if possible) on this labor. Let us call this I-140 as 2nd I-140

    Oprion 1

    Cancel the 1st 140 and 485 which is applied on LC substituion and File 2nd 140/485 on my own LC

    Options 2

    Apply 2nd 140 on my original labor and cancel 1st 140 which was filed on my substituted Labor and keep the existing 485

    option 3

    keep 1st 140/485 which was applied earlier.
    Apply 2nd 140 on original LC before Aug 17 and if I run into problems (RFE) with the 1st 140 (based on substituted LC), change the underlying 485 to 2nd 140

    option 4

    keep 1st 140/485 which was applied earlier.
    Apply 2nd 140 on original LC after Aug 17 and if I run into problem with the 1st 140, change the underlying 485 to 2nd 140 even if PD is not current.

    Please advice whether all these options are Do'able and which is better

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  • ashoka
    09-25 12:38 PM
    How do I see or get LUD for I140 ? Mine was approved in DEC, 2006. Applied 485 in August 2nd week. Will I also get LUD?


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  • desi3933
    07-09 08:06 AM
    LCA at 485 level should not be considered and that could be the reason u never heard of one .....

    There was one case where in appeal his claim for AC-21 was upheld, but his job location was different from LCA location, so he was termed out of status on H1 and since his out of status > 180 days, his I-485 was denied.

    This happened in early 2007.

    Not a legal advice

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  • downloadzombie
    06-07 03:54 PM
    AP has a news which says this bill has been voted out at senate.


    so guys relax now!!!!! enjoi!!!

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  • qasleuth
    05-06 12:51 AM
    My employer needs to pay me back wages for 3 months from Dec-2008 to Feb-2009. I travelled to India in March and informed the employer about the same after reaching India. Now the employer have filed a civil case against me for contract dispute. Can I file a complaint against my employer in Department of Labor, to get back the pending wages till March from outside the country?

    Please help, as we are in a difficult financial situation and I cannot pay the employer the amount he demands for contract dispute, if the court rules against me, unless he pays me my pendng wages.

    As per your post, your employer did not pay you for 3 months and yet he filed a case for breaking a contract. What contract does he say you have broken ?

    07-17 07:27 PM

    01-31 07:38 PM
    I am planning on taking an interview date in Delhi. I read that for mumbai, you have to drop your docs 1 week prior to your appointment. Can anyone explain the procedure for Delhi, please?

    I am still waiting for it to show the availablity. But I got HDFC receipt from India.

    Once date is shown- I will apply for non immigrant visa on the website. Now will they ask me to put my petition info (I-797) at this time? Or I will just fill in DS 156 and DS 157 forms??

    Once I fill in the forms (with bar code), I will have to take them along in the interview. Is it true?? Or I will have to drop out my docs. at VFS location even for Delhi consulate????

    Please help ppl...this stamping ordeal is taking toll on me now...alas! I was born earlier ;):p