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  • rsdang
    08-27 04:55 PM
    I went to AZ-DMV showed them my I485 receipt. The representative didn't know about the new ID law that this is enough as a legal document. I need to asked for the supervisor to get my license renewed.

    They did not accept the I-485 receipt... They did accept the EAD and renew based on that...

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  • shantanup
    10-12 07:59 AM
    Even I recieved 2 copies each of FP notices for me and my wife. I don't know if my lawyer got one, if any.

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  • gcquest
    07-17 06:09 PM
    Way to go IV, A million thanks for the news U R the best

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  • unknown123
    01-02 07:34 PM
    Hello All,
    Just curious and needed your opinion. My wife has a valid H4 status until 2010 (no visa but petition approved). She used her EAD card for all of 5 days about a year ago and then has not worked since then. I am confused if I need to apply for renewal of her EAD to maintain her legal status in the country considering having used EAD for 5 days might have triggered her out of H4 status. Any thoughts on this? Do i need to renew her EAD to maintain her legal status in the country even with a valid H4 petition until 2010? We also have 485 petition filed and pending over 180 days. I am wondering if it is required for a person with 485 pending for over 180 days to always maintain a valid EAD card even though they are not employeed. Thank you all in advance.
    No it is not required to maintain valid EAD if you are in AOS.


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  • yawl
    07-17 12:34 AM
    This is a very good one. It mentioned per-country-limit and wasted visa numbers.

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  • watzgc
    02-12 06:58 PM
    You can work upto 240 days after your H1 expiry date while your H1B is pending. To continue working from 241st day, you would need EAD otherwise stop working until the decision is made on H1B.

    Hi Wandmaker, Even If I need to work for the same employer do I need to use my EAD ?.

    If you say 'Yes' to use EAD, later if I receive my H1B Extension in 1-2 monts, Can I use my H1B for the same employer where I got EAD thru them ?. If so wats the procedure ? . thank u sir.


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  • ivar
    02-15 12:20 AM
    I recently booked tickets for my parents through Travel center NY. Their prices were good and they accept visa, mastercard and amex. Since it was a E-Ticket the ticket is issued only after successful transaction. Let me know if you need more details.

    Hi Friends,

    I was trying to get online tickets for my parents to come from Chennai to SFO.

    ..I was planning to pay from here using my credit card...but guess that might not work( see text in italics below from the airline website) , My parent have an icici debit card but that one has a limit from icici for 50,000 Rs or 75,000 Rs or so, the tickets are totally 1 lakh + so trying to figure out what might be the options....

    Have the physical credit card originally used for the purchase presented by the cardholder for verification at check-in, OR on collecting the tickets, OR at the nearest Cathay Pacific Ticketing Office prior to the flight departure. The cardholder does not need to book and travel. If a transaction is successfully made with "Verified by Visa", or "MasterCard� SecureCode�", the cardholder will not be required to present the physical card used for verification.

    I understand that if the cardholder fails to present the physical card originally used for booking transaction, the carrier reserves the right to -
    Deny boarding, or
    Collect a guarantee payment (in cash or from a new credit card).

    Anyone been able to book from here for tickets starting from India ?

    Thanks in Advance !!

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  • hpandey
    04-13 02:16 PM
    COngratulations on finishing the long journey !! Keep visiting IV :)


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  • harivenkat
    05-17 02:36 PM
    CLEVELAND � A U.S. immigration court has granted asylum to President Barack Obama's African aunt, allowing her to stay in the country, her attorneys announced Monday.

    The decision was mailed Friday and comes three months after Kenya native Zeituni Onyango, the half-sister of Obama's late father, testified at a closed hearing in Boston, where she arrived in a wheelchair and two doctors testified in support of her case.

    Onyango plans to apply for a work visa and can apply for a green card after she gets it, her attorneys said.

    The basis for her asylum request was never made public. People who seek asylum must show that they face persecution in their homeland on the basis of religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a social group.

    "The asylum process is confidential and she wants to keep it that way, so we can't get into details on why the judge granted asylum or the exact basis for her claim," said her attorney Scott Bratton. He added: "She doesn't want people to feel sorry for her."

    Another lawyer, Margaret Wong of Cleveland, said last year that Onyango first applied for asylum "due to violence in Kenya." The East African nation is fractured by cycles of electoral violence every five years.

    Medical issues also could have played a role. In a November interview with The Associated Press, Onyango said she was disabled and was learning to walk again after being paralyzed from Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disorder.

    Onyango moved to the United States in 2000. Her first asylum request was rejected, and she was ordered deported in 2004. But she didn't leave the country and continued to live in public housing in Boston.

    Onyango's status as an illegal immigrant was revealed just days before Obama was elected in November 2008. Obama said he did not know his aunt was living here illegally and believes laws covering the situation should be followed.

    A judge later agreed to suspend her deportation order and reopen her asylum case.

    Wong has said that Obama wasn't involved in the Boston hearing. Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro said Monday that the White House had no involvement in the case at any point in the process.

    In his memoir, "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance," Obama affectionately referred to Onyango as "Auntie Zeituni" and described meeting her during his 1988 trip to Kenya.

    Onyango helped care for the president's half brothers and sister while living with Barack Obama Sr. in Kenya.

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  • niraja74
    07-23 12:44 AM

    I am going to file for I-485 as the PD is current for all till 17-Aug-2007. I got my LC was approved in Oct-2006 and I-140 in Feb-2007. I am working on H1B visa and my current H1B visa is expiring on 03-Jan-2008 (about 5 months left from now).

    So can I apply for I-485 with less than 6 months left in my H1B? Although I still have 2 years left in my 6 year's counter.

    Also if I apply for I-485 now without filing for H1B exension can I file for H1B extension later on say (in Sep. 2007)?

    Thanks in advance.



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  • seahawks
    07-27 03:16 PM
    The receipts will be generated not by Priority Date but by Physically received date. This was obvious right from beginning, but some questions were raised on this forum.

    Even though this is how they have documented it, in many of our cases, the packet was received for or signed for at least 1 week before the receive date. When I received the notice, my receive date was June 14th, my notice date was June 16th, but the Fedex reached and accepted date was June 8th:) I guess since there is a back log, may be they started stamping the packets received date and then entering them as the receive date due to back logs on receipting itself. Thats my thought.

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  • pointlesswait
    12-09 11:21 AM
    i have not come across any success stories of USCIS to CP move.

    Also, i am not sure if the company must keep an empty chair for you..till you complete the CP process.

    I was told that as long as the firm can give a letter stating that the job will be offered once you get ur GC..that should be good enough.

    you are venturing into the unknown jungles....;-) ..best of luck


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  • dreamworld
    11-09 02:58 PM
    If No I-94 attached with the approval notice then you need to get the stamping when you tavel outside the country.

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  • belmontboy
    08-14 08:28 PM
    USCIS is considering to "permit pre-filing of I-485 applications upon approval of I-140 petitions for preadjudication of the I-485 applications pending immigrant visa number availability."

    News From The Oh Law Firm Site: Link (http://www.immigration-law.com/Canada.html)

    Possible good news for folks who missed 07' July Fiasco and still waiting to file I-485

    good morning.
    This horse has been beaten to death before.

    the pre-adjudication process does not give u any benefits of I-1485.

    I hope they don't charge money for pre-adjucation, else this would be another scheme for money making!


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  • colors
    09-01 01:02 AM

    I see that RFE is requested on my I-485 along with my wife application. I haven't received the notice yet. Could you please let me know if any july 2007 filers have RFEs on their cases.

    Help is much appriciated.


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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-30 10:10 AM
    Last year it went to california center because of the large no. of applications due to july visa bulletin. You should file to Texas service center because you are in NJ (please read the instructions to verify).

    Chantu, you did not understand my question. My question is not about where i should file NOW, but it's about where i filed LAST YEAR. it's about Question # 11.


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  • Desi Unlucky
    07-02 07:25 AM
    I have recently spent 2 weeks in Chennai and my overall taxi experience has been very good being non Tamil speaking. All Taxis charge more when the starting point is Airport. That is inevitable. If it is just to drop them at the nearest hotel, ask them to approach the Govt Prepaid Taxi booth.

    Govt's is cheaper compared to the private Taxis. Ofcourse the Govt only has Ambassadors as the Taxis. Do not expect the Taxis to be neat and clean like here. Expect broken handles.....There are 3 other private Taxi booths, of the private taxis Fasttrack seemed a little lesser compared to others, almost all private taxi rates are closer.

    If they need the Taxi from hotel check out Fasttrack website and get teh phone no for Chennai. They have been pretty good an picking me on time, but make sure you reserve it well in advance (4-5 hrs). Whenever I called in the last minute, they were not on time.

    I did stay at a hotel far from Airport - clsoer to work. So might not be useful to u.

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  • monkeyman
    09-27 03:36 PM
    It takes 15 minutes at Boston ASC and you are expected to arrive 5 minutes before appointment just so that you can fill up a form. And you can take any copy so long as it has your name , Case # and A# on it. Its a simple process - no sweat!!!

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  • sertasheep
    09-15 07:25 PM
    We have received only 5 nonfrivolous questions to date in preparation for the next call. This does not meet the critical mass of 20-25 questions for justifying a conference call.

    Please follow process detailed in earlier thread ( http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1267 ) for us to consider your questions.

    06-14 05:57 PM
    I am speaking from experience. Download the forms needed for filing 485, EAD and AP. Then when your attorney send you his/her set ( normally they do this in 2 stages - one they will send you a draft copy to verify and correct all info - some have online questionnaire; stage two - they send the final forms for you to verify and sign again - this they may do paper copy or online PDF - that cannot be edited - not fill able forms).

    So, here I am providing links to all forms that I know are needed. These from uscis.gov site are fill able. Weekend is coming. Fill them, and print and keep them.

    When attorney sends papers, compare yours with their and do corrections in theirs ( usually it will have stamps of the firm)

    Application To Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status - I-485 (http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-485.pdf)

    Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status - I-693 (http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-693.pdf)

    There is a supplemental 693 also for vaccination records.

    Biographic Information - I-325 A (http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/g-325a.pdf)
    There are A, B, C and other versions. I filled A

    Application for Employment Authorization - I-765 (http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-765.pdf)

    Application for Travel Document - I-131 (http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-131.pdf)

    Affidavit of Support - I-134 (http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-134.pdf)

    I completed all these forms with 100% correct info- still the Paralegal - made mistakes again and again ( I can't correct the PDF as Adobe PDF writer is 1800 USD). I lost ONE precious week. Hoping to file on 06/01/2007, filed on 06/08. Learn and be wiser from experience, yours and others.

    05-22 12:31 PM
    You will have to file the WH-4 form to DOL. Please do the search in this forum/internet as this has been discussed many many times.

    USCIS is cracking down on employers. Whether you are on project or not. Doesn't matter. Employer has to pay you or lay you off and provide ticket back home.
    Once you file WH-4, ball is in the court of USCIS/DOL/Employer for unpaid wages.

    Thanks for your Reply.
    My Employer is also threatning me that if I ask him for salary then he will lay me off and immediately send me back to India.
    can he do like this ?