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Winema - The New Interactive Game at SM Cinema

SM Cinema again revolutionizes the movie watching experience with the recent launching of Winema, an interactive game at the SM Megamall Cinema 1.

Winema, which stands for We Interact with the Cinema, is like the Nintendo Wii game, only on a much bigger screen. A motion sensitive camera installed in the digital cinema allows moviegoers to play the game by waving their hands in the air — left and right — to control the characters in the screen.

Moviegoers can play two Winema games — Boink Out, an Arkanoid game; and Power Catcher, where one cleans the cinema of any litter by catching all falling objects.

Winema runs for only two to three minutes in between film screenings. It gives added value to watching movies, not only because of the excitement, but also because participants can win a prize if they can beat the high score collectively as an audience.

I personally experienced playing the Boink Out and Power Catcher during the invitational screening of the Disney produced filml "Prince of Persia" last night, and boy I must say, that was a lot of fun.

Winema will soon be available at other SM cinemas.