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Jeng Got WALL-E(d)!!!

JED's Prized Possessions

From Stacker - Timezone MOA
From Stacker - Timezone Glorietta

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From Blue Stacker - Timezone MOA
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Aren't They Cute!!!

The Gang

His Needs : Her Needs


1. Sexual Fulfillment : Affection

2. Recreational companionship : Conversation

3. An attractive spouse : Honesty and openness

4. Domestic support : Financial support

5. Admiration : Family commitment


Watch you thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Rubbing Elbows with Diana Zubiri


I hit the JACKPOT in Timezone's Stacker. See?! People really win in Timezone.

McDo - Love Ko To!

INFOCOM SPORTSFEST 2008: Winner! Winner!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

Badminton Doubles - Mens Division
1st Runner-Up: DSL
2nd Runner-Up: BPI

Badminton Doubles - Womens Division
Champion: DSL
1st Runner-Up: Repair
2nd Runner-Up: BPI

Volleyball - Mens Division
Champion: DSL
1st Runner-Up: BPI
2nd Runner-Up: Repair

Volleyball - Womens Division
Champion: BPI
1st Runner-Up: DSL
2nd Runner-Up:

Champion: DSL SLM
1st Runner-Up: DSL FLM
2nd Runner-Up: BPI

MVP Badminton Mens Division:
Aristotle Mendoza (Repair)

MVP Badminton Womens Division:
Donnalyn Valeros (DSL)

MVP Volleyball Mens Division:
Jason Vecinal (DSL)

MVP Volleyball Womens Division:
Pafsie Potente (BPI)

MVP Basketball:
Johertz Diones (DSL SLM)

Mythical Five:
Ryan Nebres (Admin)
Macqui Cabrera (DSL FLM)
Joselito Diwa (DSL FLM)
Jomil Mission (DSL SLM)
Raymond Ho (BPI)

Darling of the Crowd:
Andrew de Vera (na-default, maaga umuwi eh!)

Special thanks to our President & CEO, Mr. Edgardo R. Bautista. This sportsfest wouldn't be possible if not for his generosity and guidance.

To our "walang tulugan at walang pahinga" sportsfest coordinators and committee - Toni (the acoustic icon), Hermie and Macqui (mag-liquidate na kayo, mabilis!). Especially to the HR group who came and stayed 'til the last minute of our finale. Until next year guys!

To Lance and Cesar and Ms. Susan and to our galing galing workforce Ms. Malou Yasona for taking care of our agent's schedule.

To our official photographer AR.

To our host, Beng.

To all the players (laro laro lang!).

To the ever loyal supporters of each team...and those resigned employees who still participated until the end...grabe kayong makasigaw!!!, and to all those in silence...na-feel namin ang presence nyo sa Carmona, grabe. Participate naman kayo in flesh next time. Heheheheh!

And to our official nurse-cum coordinator-cum liason officer Ms. Gienah. Super ka talaga! Sana nag-muse ka na din. Hehehehe! c",). Best Wishes!

K A M P A I ! ! !

INFOCOM SPORTSFEST 2008: Picture! Picture!

(click picture to e-n-l-a-r-g-e)

The Venue & Prizes

The "Curacha" Committee

The Muses

The President & Players at the Opening

The "Whatta" Game

The Picture-thirsty Audience. Hehehe. Peace. c",)

The Injured (Winner of the "Moment Ko 'To Award")

The Late Night Awarding

The Post-Final-Ala-Cesar-Concert Party